Initial Meeting

The first step is to determine the style of home and location of the property you are looking for. This can be overwhelming for the average buyer. A Team Flex agent will meet with you to simplify your Needs vs. Wants. You can trust our expertise to come up with a tailored buying strategy that takes advantage of current market conditions.

Mortgage Pre-approval

There are number of benefits to getting pre-approved for a mortgage once your decide on the type of property to purchase. You can shop for a home with confidence, knowing you won’t be turned down for a loan. It will save you time and effort by eliminating properties beyond your price range. You can speak to your bank representative or one of our preferred mortgage brokers to obtain a pre-approval.

Finding properties

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, you will receive a selection of properties that match your criteria. We also keep you constantly up-to-date via email when the latest properties become available. Team Flex is open for business at very flexible hours to meet your needs. We will accompany you to attend an open house or arrange appointments to see properties. We will be there with you every step of the way so that we are on hand to answer any questions immediately and give you advice.

Making an Offer

Once you have identified a suitable property we will put your offer forward to the seller. The offer will be in writing stating the price and any conditions to the offer. We will prepare a bidding strategy and develop negotiation tactics according to the property, location and current market conditions. We will provide detailed analyses to help determine the offering price. We will always make offers that are in our buyers’ best interest.

Negotiation and offer acceptance

Once you make your offer, don’t think this is final. The seller may make a counter-offer for a higher price, or different terms, which you can also counter-offer. You may go back and forth a few times with the seller in regards to prices and the terms of the contract. Once an offer is agreed upon by both parties, a deposit cheque is required. Usually a deposit of 5% will be considered to be sincere by the seller.

Purchase completion

There are a number of legal formalities that need to be taken care of to complete your sale. Your solicitor will transfer the residual funds to the seller’s solicitor’s account. The final sale completion also includes transferring title, closing costs and insurance. Keys for the property will be exchanged through your solicitor. Congratulations, you are now the legal owner of our new home!

Finding your Dream Home:

You’re ready to find your dream home. What’s the next step? Just fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP. After we gather all your wants and needs for your home, Team Flex will send you listings as soon as they become available. There is no obligation to buy, just let us know when you’re ready to start looking.